Thursday, October 19, 2006

Power Breakfast

Yesterday morning I wanted to scramble up 2 eggs for myself, so I cracked open the first egg and two yolks fell into the bowl! Now just for the record, in all my 43 years I have never seen such a sight and I admit, I gasped in horror. I stared into the bowl for some time, seeing the two yolks, not as breakfast, but as aborted twins. I couldn't EAT them could I?

I quickly phoned David at work, expressed my concern as well as my disgust, and he assured me that since they were not fertilized eggs, there should be no reason for me to view them as anything other than, well, scrambled.

He then went on to try and lighten my mood by convincing me that if I did eat the eggs, they might actually give me super powers. (David knows how much I want to be a superhero, and he knew what kind of effect his comment would have on me.)

“You mean, I might have super chicken powers?” I asked.

“Yup,” he replied.

“I could be ‘Chicken Girl,’ I said.

“You bet,” he said.

So I hung up the phone, tossed the eggs into the pan, added a dash of salt and I ate them.

I'm still waiting...maybe the powers will come tomorrow.


1 comment:

shaniqua said...

i've heard others say thats happened with an egg they cracked open, but i've never seen it. crazy.
and a cute phone conversation. good luck with your super powers (c: