Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm not packed

Song I love from band I don't

U2, "City of Blinding Lights."

Unsolicited travel advice from me

If you can, go horseback riding the day before a trip overseas. It clears your mind and allows you to reconnect to yourself.

Take a laptop extension cord on the plane, but not your red Channel lipstick. The harmless 3-foot cord will be allowed on board, but your lipstick will be confiscated as it's been deemed a threat to the national security.

Try and eat lots of Clementines before flying. It's good to feel light when you're in the air.

If you're going to bring your iPod on a trip, make sure it has at least one really good bad song, like George Michael's "Freedom."

Never drive in your car alone and scream at the top of your lungs, "I'M GOING TO SPAIN TOMORROW!!!!" (people might think you're crazy).

Favorite bedtime book...

"The Little House" by Virginia Lee Burton. If you have a young child, you should have this book. I read it to Annie tonight and we both still love it.

I've removed myself...

... from the comments pages. What a relief.

Countdown to Barcelona...

Books for Spain

I know I won't read all of these in 10 days, but I don't care, they're all coming with.

A girl can dream, can't she?

New visitors to The Half Note

Finland, Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Picture of interest

I hijacked this photo of Reverend Shawn's dinner the other night. You've just got to appreciate a person who'll barbeque below zero.

Me too honey...

A man should...

...never answer a question with the word, "Maybe."

"Absolutely," "Abso-fuckin'-lutely," and "Yes," are all great alternatives.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Countdown to Barcelona

Sunday Night at the Bookstore

David: "Do you need a phrase book for Spain?"

Katie: "No thanks, I already know how to say the only two things I'll need when I'm there."

David: "And what's that?"

Katie: "'Where's the train,' and 'I take my coffee light with one sugar.'"

Why is it...?

... that there is not one female celebrity today who can hold a candle to women like Marilyn, Bridgette and Sophia?

Come up with one; place it under "comments." I dare you...

I will...

...go to Cuba

Tuesday Morning

Me: "Annie, stop messing with your hair, you're late for school."

Annie: "Mom, you should know you can't rush perfection!"

Monday, November 27, 2006

Countdown to Barcelona

Things that make me go hmmm...

People camping out overnight in front of stores to purchase the new PlayStation 3 video game.

(Actual photo, I swear!)

What dreams are made of...

"Wouldn't it be amazing if we lived in a society where people camped out overnight in front of bookstores to purchase Gore Vidal's new memoir?"

~David Kosh

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix...

... and Bruce Lee

I will...

Swim with wild dolphins.

Mommy morning pic 1,034

Photo by Annie Kosh

Sunday, November 26, 2006

New York City night


Even though while carving the turkey I sliced the hell out of my thumb, even though David had to pour cayenne pepper on the wound to stop it from bleeding profusely, even though the pain of the burn caused by the cayenne pepper lasted for hours and was at times excruciating, I have to say, honestly, tonight was one of the most peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgivings I've ever had. And most importantly, Annie was happy.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blogging from the kitchen Sat., 4:43 P.M.

Beautiful day, returned from a walk, turkey done, greens washed, potatoes boil, stuffing prepped. Nuts and raisins mixed (a Jew thing), Annie reads, David cleans, Tony Bennett plays, doorbell rings.

Blogging from the kitchen Sat., 2:59 P.M.

Miles plays, potatoes peeled... second cup of coffee in hand.

Blogging from the kitchen Sat., 12:41 P.M.

Spent 15 minutes ironing a table cloth, put it on the table and thought it looked too wrinkled, pulled out another, spent 15 minutes ironing that one, put it on the table and thought it was too wrinkled... realized the iron was broken.

Blogging from the kitchen Sat., 11:30 a.m.

Felt sad for turkey while cleaning him (her?)...asked Dave if I could have a moment alone with it... Now it's dressed and in the oven, cranberry sauce covered & in the fridge, potatoes washed, Puccini plays, Annie reads, David showers, me sitting down with my first cup of coffee.

Creating reality 101

This was the first year Annie was really looking forward to Thanksgiving, and when it turned out to be less than stellar (nothing awful happened, it was just slightly chaotic), she felt deeply disappointed. So, rather than accepting the day as it was and simply hoping for a better one next year, I decided to have "Thanksgiving, Round Two."

If anyone wants to join us, I’m cooking a feast Saturday night, a turkey and all that goes with it, including a few friends, good wine and fresh coffee, and I’m crossing my fingers that someone will arrive with desert from Zabar’s.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Don't let it fall on me

My Thanksgiving in 3 words

Thanksgiving quote

"The only way to have a successful social life is to have friends who don’t have kids."

~David Kosh

Thanksgiving quote

"I'm thankful Thanksgiving is over."

~Katie Bowen

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving is the only holiday I really like. No pressure to buy, no bad music to endure, and it's so removed from the arrival of the pilgrims that we don't have to pretend any of that matters.

Thankful for...

The last bit of coffee at the bottom of the cup, scent-free laundry soap, the plastic crinkly covers on library books, red grapes, warm socks, good jokes, Annie's health, my mother's love, oh yeah, and all those people who dedicate their lives to peace.


"I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. "

~Woody Allen

Bill Evans is

each note a word
a drop on a key
a tender call
a walk through sound
like sweet breath
like this night
like fall rain.

Just a thought...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sign of interest

Even more unsolicited advice from me

Eat portage with maple syrup, cinnamon and a splash of milk.

If there's no heat or hot water in your apartment, call your landlord first thing.

Let your children see you vulnerable, but don't let them see you weak.

Hold to nothing and hope for everything.

It's better to wake up too early than to sleep with the curtains closed. (unless you really need to sleep in).

Pack lightly when traveling. Unless you're a Leo woman, then pack everything you own.