Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Countdown to Barcelona


Edtime Stories said...

you must be sooooooooo excited.....I am jealous....I want to go back to Spain.

Dina said...

wow...your going???!!! how long?? is Annie going?? Take more pictures than you imagine!!!

itzktb said...

I'm going alone and Annie will be home with David.

I have a friend in Barcelona, Guillermo, who has an entire floor in his house vacant and waiting for me to occupy for 10 days. I also plan on taking a couple of days in between to visit the south of France.

Barcelona is known for, among other things, its amazing nightlife and outstanding jazz clubs. I'll be hitting as many places I can in the evenings, and walking around, exploring the city during the day. I'm also meeting up with a few filmmakers, friends-of-friends, etc.

Wish me luck, I'm taking my laptop and if all goes well, I’ll find a cafe with Internet connection, indulge in some good European coffee, and shoot off a blog entry or two...Spanish style.