Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some More on Sleep

As I mentioned, and I know this is important to everyone, I have been receiving the benefits from sleeping fewer hours during the night. However, I have yet to achieve my goal which is to, in addition, have a nap or a doze at some point during the day.

Seth says (yes, he’s the dead guy I sometimes refer to,) that our dream state is as real, if not more real than our waking state, and that there should be less of a divide between the two so we can benefit from both states of consciousness more of the time. However, it’s difficult to do when there are so many hours between the two states. (8 hours of sleeping and dreaming, then 15 or more hours of being awake and so on.) Thus, Seth’s recommendation for breaking sleeping and waking hours into two parts.

When you’re dreaming, you’re connecting to yourself in a way that you’re not when you’re awake, and when you’re awake, you’re connecting to yourself in a way that you’re not when you’re dreaming.

If we can sleep in the way Seth recommends, and in essence blend the two states of consciousness, we fill the gap during the times they occur, and the constant communications from our inner selves become more fluid.

The dream state is not subconscious garbage; it’s not simply the releasing of daily stress. It’s a place we go to, out of body, that is a real and true part of our reality.

Whatever name you give it, be it God, your higher self, whatever, the divisions between “It” and “You” are arbitrary.

Turn your subconscious into your conscious, be awake while dreaming and dream while you're awake.

Why not have it all since it’s all right here?

Damn, that made me tired. I’m going to bed.



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