Monday, November 20, 2006

Katie the critic

In my self-righteous opinion, this film was entertaining but forgettable. It was a bit like watching old news coverage of Princess Diana's death performed by actors in a style similar to a television movie of the week.

Helen Mirren is, in my opinion, beyond reproach as an actress, but although it was attempted, there wasn't much depth in the character of the queen so her performance left me unmoved (no fault of hers).

Director Stephen Frears did one of my favorite movies of all time, "Dirty Pretty Things," so I refuse to criticize him.

I know, I suck at this, and I would stick to my day job, but I need to get one first.

Katie Rating for "The Queen:" Ho hum say I.

Side Note: If you want to see an amazing film about the inner lives of repressed Brits, rent Howard's End with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

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