Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photoshop Phun


Dina said...

oh Katie, SHOW OFF THAT BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!! I want the mystery to remain!

Anonymous said...

Honey you've got cheeek bones to die for ... and those lips !!!

itzktb said...

Dina, how about a full reveal (well, you know what I mean,) let's say... spring 2007? Or how about on my birthday in July?

I'll wear a sexy white dress and the pink go-go boots, full face, body. legs, the works. (?)

What do you say?

And btw: Thank you for the kind compliment.

Anonymous said...

I'll be here at 12:01 on your b-day to see that picture honey ... I can't wait ... I'll be marking the dates off on my calendar.