Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sound On

I would say that most of us, on a conscious level, are unaware of sound. We know if it’s too high or too low, and although we can clearly hear the things that displease us, we are often unaware of the multitude of sounds that surround us in every moment and that can turn an ordinary day into a work of art.

There is an entire life inside sound, a world all its own, existing in harmony with everything else. It’s the clicking of a heel across a wooden floor, the delicate tap of a teacup, the turn of a page.


Dina said...

Katie, this reminds me of my father. He was a sound mixer...and I remember as a kid always going to work with him & he would let me where the head sets so I could hear what he hears during filming. It was amazing how you could hear things that not everybody could when your just focused on the sound & sounds around you! Congratualtions on the completion of your latest!!

itzktb said...

Thanks Dina... you know how I appreciate a good dad story.

I used to work in Phillip Glass' recording studio here in New York, and since, at the ripe old age of twenty-one, I believed it was too late for me to peruse a career in music, I briefly had a dream of becoming a sound engineer. But when I discovered that the job required me to have somewhat of a mathematical mind, I nixed that idea and went traveling instead.

Good thing I don't have any regrets...