Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Phone Support

Katie: “David, I'm feeling like doing something a little crazy and want to run in past you.”

Dave: “And what’s that?”

Katie: “Well, there’s a doll that Annie wants from Santa, but it’s $90.”

Dave: “And what does it do?”

Katie: “Oh, I don’t know, it pees.”

Dave: “You mean that one on TV?”

Katie: “Yeah, she’s wanted it for over a year and I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just get it.”

Dave: “I think that’s the operative word, ‘Shouldn’t.’”

Katie: “Okay, thanks, I’m sorry, it must just be the caffeine.”


rev. shawn said...

David is simply:

I was rolling with laughter ... thanks, I needed that this morning.

Dina said...

GET IT....GET IT!!!! Shes only YOUNG ONCE!!!

OKAY, sorry Katie...I'm glad you didn't call me, I would of put you in the "hole" $90....

David knows best!!!

Happy Holidays my NYC friends!!!!

Love & Aloha,

Tiki, Dina & Alika

itzktb said...

You're a wonderful woman Dina, you really are.

Actually, I found the doll for $60 but we didn’t get it because we know exactly where it will end up. In a pile on the floor with all the other dolls Annie loves for about a minute and then discards.

I hate to say it, BUT WHEN I WAS NINE the few things I got for Christmas, I cherished.

Kids these days.