Thursday, December 21, 2006

Her World

I was bringing groceries into the lobby when I heard Annie calling from outside.

“Mommy, come here!”

She asked me to stand beside her as she excitedly pointed to the tree in front of the building.

“Look!” she said with a huge smile on her face, “How all the branches make a circle, a spiral!”

It took me a minute to see what she had seen in an instant, and when I did, the realization of how present she was to the world around her filled my heart.

I had my camera and attempted several times to take a picture of the tree, but the streetlamp was too bright, there was no way to capture the spiral.

Annie asked if she could try, but it was cold and I wanted to get inside.

“I’ve already taken 6 shots and it’s just not working,” I said. “The light makes it impossible.”

Stefanos, the night doorman, also agreed. Because of the light, there was no way to capture the image.

Annie pleaded with me to let her try so I handed her the camera, she pointed it toward the tree and clicked.

"I got it!" she shouted.

And indeed, she got it.


Dina said...

so cool, her observations...or any childs...sooo much more than we would ever dare to spend looking at our surroundings, just looking beyond what we "need" to do.
(go to car, get in car, go to store,get groceries,go home...) it's all so mechanical!!

Good job Annie!!

itzktb said...

Exactly Dina,

I was so intent on getting everything, including us, into the apartment, but Annie was busy noticing everything around her.

So many lessons... if we listen.

shaniqua said...

i think i'm maybe a little too emotional right now, but this totally made me tear up (c: g'zz, i have issues...hahahaa