Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday Harlot

This morning I unwrapped the "Oktober Fest" Barbie doll given to Annie by her Aunt Jennifer, and brought it to her.

Annie: "Is this a doll I can play with?"

Me: "Yes, but remember, you had that beautiful African Barbie in her tribal garb, the Japanese one in the kimono, and the Indian one with that pink sari. But honey, you take off their pretty clothes, put mini skirts on them, undo their hair, and they all end up looking like..."

Annie: "Hoochie Mamas?"

Me: "Exactly, and you don’t want this one to end up looking like a Hoochie Mama, do you?"

Annie: "She already does Mom!"

1 comment:

Dina said...

Katie, I can't even count how many Barbie dolls Tiki has received. They have THEE cutest clothes!!! However, everytime I find one,THEY'RE NAKED!!! She loves to rip the clothes off. I keep telling her they have the coolest clothes...doesn't work.