Sunday, December 03, 2006

Los Hombres Españoles

Guillermo and I enter a crowded café for lunch, and perhaps because of the age difference between us, the man behind the bar asks Guillermo, “Quiere una mesa o la cama?”

Translation: “Would you like a table… or a bed?”

A passionate breed, the Spanish.


Dina said...

ah too cute!!! It seems as though your having a great time!!! you'll be our "Lisa Ling" on Location, reporting from beautiful Barcelona!!

Keep up the good posts!

itzktb said...

I don't think I've heard of Lisa Ling, but I'll do my best for you Dina!

Much love,


Dina said...

I think she used to be on the "View" and left to go be a reporter for National Geographic. You have such a zest for life!! Its contaigous...(did I spell that right?!)

Aloha my friend!