Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mi Obervaciones de Barcelona

1) The vibe in Barcelona is very much like New York City.

2) Spaniards don't tip waiters well, but they don't hesitate to give a beggar or a street artist 5 times the amount they give a waiter.

3) When a man comes to Barcelona alone, he is perceived as someone who wants to see Barcelona. When a woman comes to Barcelona alone, she is perceived as... someone who wants to see Barcelona.

4) You can sit down at a table at any cafe, order only a coffee and stay as long as you like. Waiters never give you a check before you're finished, in fact, it's more common to have to track him down.

5) Sometimes, when I'm introduced to a Spaniard, they ask me where I'm from. When I answer, "Estados Unidos," the person's smile drops ever so slightly. But when I tell them I'm from New York, their smile returns. (They will also like you if you tell them "No voto George Bush." That will work too.)

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