Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sketches From Spain Day 4, No Color

Yesterday while taking a siesta (Oh how I could get used to the siesta), I smelled something burning in my room. The adaptor for my laptop, you know, the one that turns it European? Well, smoke was pouring out of it and...until I replace it, I´m sorry to report there will be a delay in photo postings here at The Half Note. (I really wanted to share the photo of the Tuesday´s cup of coffee... damn!)

I visited a home (La Casa Batllo), designed by the genius and revolutionary Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi. I´ve never been very interested architecture, but whoever this man was, whatever beauty lived at his core, I felt it in every corner, every curve, and in every piece of material used, and I left the house utterly moved by his creation.

I would enter a link here, but google only comes up in Spanish and there´s no place to translate to English, so please, look up Antoni, or Antonio Gaudi and come see his work when in Barcelona.

Have I mentioned that the weather has been beautiful? Of course we won´t entertain the idea of global warming while on holiday, but Barcelona is usually quite chilly this time of year and so far I´ve not needed so much as a sweater.

Today is the first day of rain but of course, it´s a light rain, a sweet rain...

One more thing, since I´m using Guillermo´s computer, (He´s a writer and though completely generous, one does not want to overstay their welcome on a writer´s computer), and since today it is a holiday in Spain of some sort (Note to self, find out what holiday it is today), and since I may not come across an open store that carries an adaptor, I will be off the blog until further notice.

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