Thursday, December 14, 2006

Whoever Brought Me Here

The man in this picture with Annie is singer/songwriter/musician Francis Dunnery, and as he generously smiles into the lens of my camera, he has no idea that he served as a major catalyst in my life, one that has taken me off the path I was on for over 40 years and put me on a new one.

As he sweetly gives a “thumbs up,” he is unaware that he played a part in the re-creation of the woman behind the camera, a woman who was half asleep for years and who is now opening her eyes.

Today I had no idea why I was so compelled to take my camera as I headed out the door, and I was unaware that a man so instrumental in my journey would turn out to be my neighbor, shopping at the market just around the corner.

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rev. shawn said...

And the cosmos uttered a day ...

... very cool story. Thanks for sharing it. Thanks for sharing the voyage and journey you've been on.
The funny thing for me is this:

This afternoon wandering around Christmas shopping in Brandon, I was humming (and quietly singing) the Francis Dunnery song - "Living in New York City ..."

life is grand