Thursday, January 25, 2007

Katie's Sad Girl's Guide to a Better Day

1. Bring fresh flowers into your home.
2. Have a slice of toasted Eli's Health Bread with Earth Balance butter.
3. Do one thing you were supposed to do but decided not to.
4. Put on a DVD of the British TV comedy series, "Absolutely Fabulous" and watch the episode, "Edina's 40th Birthday."
5. Change your bedspread or comforter.


Hebrew Fever said...

Take a walk in the park with a friend.

Anonymous said...

Tai's Cure For Sadness: Repeat this chant three times, out loud: "Moose, chicken, snood, pickle, radicchio, cupcake, Cleveland."

Gets rid of most sadness. For severe sadness, repeat six times.

itzktb said...


It only took 4 times and my severe sadness is completely gone!

You should really market this stuff!