Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Annie: "Mommy, what's bothering you these days?"

Me: "Oh, it's just life stuff. When you grow up I'll tell you all about what I'm going through right now."

Annie: "I don't think you should wait until I'm grown up to tell me, you should let it out because if you don't let it out it might make you sick."

Me: "That's okay baby, I have friends to talk to, it's not really appropriate for me to discuss my problems with you."

Annie: "I think it's appropriate. Please Mommy, tell me what it is."

Me: "Well, I went on my trip and I saw my friend and he really hurt my feelings. So I came home early because I really missed you and needed to be with you."

Annie: "But tell me all of it."

Me: "That's pretty much all of it."

Annie: "But you'll tell me more about it when I'm grown?"

Me: "I will baby."

Annie: "Do you want me to send a mean text message to the person who hurt your feelings?"

Me: "No honey."

Annie: "No body hurts my Mommy's feelings unless I say so!"

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