Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Night shift

When I was growing up, my dad told me if I couldn't sleep it was better to stay up all night and be productive than it was to toss and turn and torture myself for hours. He pointed out the logic in his thinking: Even if you had to rise early for work, you'd be exhausted either way so you might as well get things done. On my Dad's restless nights, I believe he did only one thing and that was write.

I wonder, if he were alive today, would he have a blog? (I would have helped him set it up). And if he did, I wonder if he'd be writing on it if he couldn't sleep tonight.


Tai said...

Dear Cake, I love this post. I believe that not only would Roger have a blog, he would publish his books online so all could read them. He would have delighted in making the Internet part of his creative factory. And there would also be the times when he'd shut off the computer for a few days and just go walking.

itzktb said...

Tai, I think you understood him in a very deep way.