Tuesday, May 29, 2007

She knows best

When I take down something I've posted, it's because I've changed my mind about it. When I remove a photo of myself, it's because my mom tells me I look tortured in the picture and it shouldn't be on the blog.

I listen to my mother. Most of the time.


Dina said...


I was sooo glad to SEE that picture of you!! I know Mothers know best, but damn girl...your BEAUTIFUL!! I loved the picture, I wanted to say so earlier, but sometimes I read blogs early in the morning, then I'm running late and cant comment on them,,,,I DID WANT TO SAY YOU ARE A FOXY ONE!!
Mom's can be wrong sometimes, cant they???!!!! Sorry Mrs. B

anyway, maybe you just need a bit of sun..hint, hint. :) see you soon!


itzktb said...

I suppose foxy is in the eye of the beholder. But thanks Dina, you're sweet. And maybe I do need some sun. Maybe I should take a trip to see a friend on some beautiful Hawaiian island...