Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cold tea on a hot night

Things have certainly been heating up around here, but they're about to cool down. Come see my short film, "Cold Tea" tonight on the big screen at the NYC Downtown Film Festival Audience Choice. Hang out with the cast and crew afterwards, and don't forget all that free air-conditioning!

Go here for ticket information.


rev. shawn said...

Yeah !!!
I hope it is AS well recieved in NYC as it was at the Minnedosa Premiere a few weeks ago ...

Congrats !!!!

Tai said...

If anyone will appreciate the genius and beauty of Cold Tea, it's New Yorkers. Yay!

Dina said...

ahhh, I'd love to be there and kill 2 birds with one stone.....(see NYC & "cold tea") oops make that 3 birds...see Katie & Annie.

itzktb said...

Rev: New York has a lot to live up to!

Tai: The jury's still out for me. Sedona and Hawaii loved it, I see a trend there. New York may be too harsh for our sweet little film, I'll let you know what happens.

Dina: As I said, Hawaii loved "Cold Tea." Come on out!