Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The fear of change

"The Transpersonal Self and the forces of the superconscious are such strong energies that they stir up fears in the personality. Your personal ego has its own laws, rules and ways of going about things. While a sudden invasion from the transpersonal realms of the psyche might feel pleasurable and expansive, the impact of these energies threatens to disrupt the status quo. The ego doesn't like that. So when the transpersonal inspiration begins to stir, your personality, in an attempt to maintain the existing framework, tries to find ways to neutralize this influx by putting up blocks against it. Before you can let these new energies into your life, you have to deal with why you are afraid to grow and change - with why you are frightened to become all that you could be."

Liz Greene - Dynamics of the Unconscious

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