Monday, June 04, 2007

In my dreams

Seth says before you sleep, it's good to call upon your dreams. Among other things, dreams can offer healing, bring clarity and reveal answers. Sometimes the purpose of a dream is simply to magnify our fear, then the choice is up to us; do we continue to hold it tight, or do we finally let it go?

Last night I dreamed that my friend was going off to marry her man. The day they were to leave, the man approached me, declared his love and asked if I would be the one to marry him. Enthusiastically, I said yes. The man said he would leave with my friend as planned, then I would meet up with him at a later time. For some reason I never once took my friend or the reality of the situation into consideration; he loved me, I loved him, so naturally we would be together. I never once thought things would turn out less than perfectly, and like an enthusiastic bride, I went shopping for lingerie.

I finally arrived at our meeting place but my husband-to-be was cold and distant. He didn't look at me as if he were a man in love, he didn't behave like a man who was standing before the woman of his dreams, and soon I discovered there was actually a third woman in the mix and that I was merely part of a complex and cruel insurance scam.