Monday, June 11, 2007

In my dreams

It's night time, I walk down Broadway, a powerful wind blows south and there's not a car or pedestrian in sight. I open an umbrella, hold it out in front of me, bend my knees, and like being on the best ride of my life, the wind takes me tearing down the street at full speed. I am free, my black skirt whipping behind me, a huge smile on my face. When I see Annie on the corner of Broadway and 84th, I come to a stop. I put down my umbrella, stand back and watch her. I'm not sure I want to approach; I'm having so much fun on my own, but it's obvious she's not feeling well. She tries to spit something out of her mouth; she has tears in her eyes. I walk up and when she sees me standing before her, she looks surprised.

"Come with me," I say.

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