Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Big word little bump

Annie and and I see one of her teachers walking in the neighborhood. I call out, "Hi Rose Ellen!"

Annie says underneath her breath, "Miss Neidish has a first name? Oh my God, I'm getting horripilation!"


Candygirlflies said...

Oh. My. God.

What a GREAT word!!

I'm storing THAT one away for future reference, let me tell you...

Ponygecko said...

Great, indeed.

"Amberst" was one I used to use a lot. It's being embarrassed for someone who doesn't have the sense to be embarrassed for themselves.

Candygirlflies said...

One of my favourite words is a medical term-- not very NICE, really but I love the way it sounds:

"Petechiae" (puh-TEE-key-eye) are actually tiny little broken capillary blood vessels.

It just sounds too "jaunty" to be so nasty!!!

itzktb said...

pg: I sure could use a friend who would be "Amberst" for me.

cg: Sounds like what the former governor of New York sees with.

Ponygecko said...


I am often amberst for myself; I think that's allowed and I think it also qualifies as a triple entendre. Or maybe...wait. Maybe it cancels itself out then, since if you're embarrassed for yourself because you don't have the sense to be embarrassed for yourself you just ruined the opportunity to be amberst.

Or would that be auto-amberst?

Annie will know. I'm 46. My head hurts.