Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Checking out at the checkout

Two nights ago, the cashier bagged the groceries I was going to prepare for David's dinner.

Cashier: "Katie, you're the best ex-wife I've ever known!"

Me: "Well, I have the best ex-husband I've ever known."

Cute guy on line: "Do you need another one?"

Me: "Another husband or another ex ?"

Cute guy: "Either one."


Dina said...

seeeeeeeee???!!!! I Knew it!!!

itzktb said...

Dina, I lost that comment you sent the other day, but I've got to give you credit, you DID say something about my next romantic encounter taking place at the grocery store. But I must confess, unless my knees buckle beneath me when I see him, I'm just not interested. At least for now, the only way I'll accept a date is if I just can't say no.