Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Confucius says, "Be nice!"

David sits on the couch eating Chinese food.

Me: "Can I have a bite?"

He reluctantly hands me his plate and says: "If you were hungry you should have ordered something."

Me: "Never mind, I don't want any."

David: "No, here, have a bite."

Me: "No, you're not generous."

David: "Have a bite!"

Me: "I'm generous, but you're not."

David: "I don't care."

I give in and take a bite.

Me: "I would say 'Thank you,' but I'm not grateful. You're not generous and I'm not grateful."

1 comment:

Dina said...

oh girl, I do that ALL the time...that is a really REAL story that I'm sure everyone has had!