Friday, July 27, 2007

A day of gifts

For my birthday I got calls, cards and emails from friends and family, an outdoor celebration at Josephina's, good food and two glasses of wine. Okay, three glasses of wine. I also received an overnight package from my friend Elisa, filled with gardenias grown on the terrace of her Los Angeles apartment. The fragrance literally poured out of the box, and the flowers must have possessed magical powers because as I carried them home, everyone I passed on the street stopped to smell the bouquet.

What a thoughtful and imaginative gift from a thoughtful and imaginative friend.

What kind of Leo would I be if I didn't partake in a bit of pampering on my special day? Among other things, I received a relaxing manicure and pedicure. The girls at the salon are always trying to talk me into bright colors, but I'm not a woman who likes to compete, not even with my own toes.

Annie picked out these stunning earrings for her Mama, and I must mention, it was the first gift she ever bought me with her very own money. What a girl.

David gave me a book, some CDs, and this adorable little pink camera. "It's so Katie!" he said.

My mother gave me a beautiful lilac bag, and on it were these words:

Life is Good...

Yes it is.

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