Friday, July 06, 2007

Every breath I take

Annie: "When you were my age did Grandma ever embarrass you?"

Katie: "When I was your age, all Grandma had to do was breathe and I was embarrassed." Pause. "Is that the way it is for you...with me?"

Annie: "Basically."


Dina said...

aaahhh..repeat after me,,"It's just a phase, It's just a phase, (sniffle,sniffle) It's just a PHASE!".

There are just CERTAIN phases THIS LEO can't handle..this would be ONE!!!

itzktb said...

Oh I can handle it, but I won't stop singing in the supermarket or smothering Annie with kisses on the street, and I certainly won't be holding my breath (pun intended), waiting for this phase to end anytime soon.