Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The law of attraction

Over a year ago I decided to see if I could will something to happen, and even though I'm a girl who thinks big, I knew better than to start with world peace.

I was driving in my car listening to Francis Dunnery, I knew he lived in New York but I didn't know where. As I drove I began to keep my eyes open for him and I did this for months, drove around the city as I would normally do, only now I was playing a game with myself, looking to see if I could find Francis. Then one day I had an idea for a short film that I would call "Finding Francis." It would be the story of a woman who felt herself connected to Dunnery's music and who decides to spend her days willing him into her life. The character would have no anxiety or desperation, she would hold no illusions of romance. She would simply possess a knowing that she and Dunnery were linked and that their meeting was only a matter of time.

I visualized the film with a time-lapse shot of my character standing on a busy New York street corner with one of Dunnery's hard driving rock songs as the soundtrack. Life would go on around her in fast motion as she would stand waiting for him with as much confidence as if she were expecting the arrival of a city bus. Days would pass, her clothes would change, seasons too, but she would remain standing, certain. Finally, at the very end, Francis Dunnery appears, approaches her and gives her a kiss. The woman, without a hint of surprise on her face, smiles at him, takes his hand and they walk off together.

A few months after I had the idea for this film, I walked into my local grocery store and there was Francis Dunnery. He'd been living just a few blocks from me the whole time.


CJGallegos said...

So...when does the movie come out?

Dina said...

did u ask him to be in your short film??!! sounds with it...jump off that cliff..

itzktb said...

cg: The movie will be released when you believe it's released.

Thanks Dina. He said he'd do it but then he asked for 8 million dollars. He does seem like a reasonable guy though, I bet he'd take less.