Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Annie: "Mommy, were any of your boyfriends jerks?"

Katie: "Yes."

Annie: "Real bastards?"

Katie: "A couple were."

Annie: "What did they do to you that was bad?"

Katie: "Oh, just not valuing me enough, not taking care of me, stuff like that."

Annie: "Did any of them ever cheat on you?"

Katie: "I don't think so."

Annie: "Yeah, a guy would have to be crazy to cheat on you!"


rev. shawn said...

So ...

Is Annie implying that her beloved mommy is SOOO beautiful that no man would be crazy enough to cheat on her?


Is Annie implying that her mommy's fiery temper would bring untold suffering on the man who would be crazy enough to cheat one her ?


Is Annie just implying her mommy would never date men like that?

Vague and ambiguous and brilliant ... you have quite the daughter Katie!!

itzktb said...

I certainly don't think she was implying I was too beautiful to betray (Wouldn't THAT be nice!), nor do I imagine she was thinking I would never date "Men like that." But I must admit, I didn't find the comment vague or ambiguous...until you mentioned it...

Dina said...

oh she is growing soo fast, your little girl is asking about BOYS!!!