Monday, August 06, 2007


I once had an idea for a blog that I would call Content. People would send in pictures of the contents of their refrigerators, cars, purses and so on, and I would post them, perhaps with commentary. Kind of like PostSecret, but instead of offering one's deepest, darkest admissions, one would simply reveal the brand of toothpaste they use or the number of half-empty jars of pasta sauce they possess.

I don't know, maybe the world just isn't ready for Content.

My fridge, 8/5/07

soy drinks
greek yogurt
root beer
hot peppers
organic milk
maple syrup
sweet vermouth


hebrew fever said...

bubbeleh... so neat and tidy!

rev. shawn said...

I think the world could use Content.

It would give a place for revealing such truths ... and it would feed the voyeuristic desire of others to find out what's in their nieghbours' cupboards, fridges and medicine cabinets ...

Go For It !!

itzktb said...

And that's just the bottom shelf!

practicalpsychologist said...

What are your bottles of Volvic queueing for? Looks like mummy and the babies...