Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cloudy sunny day

It's easy for a dark and rainy morning to remind me that I have no sweetheart, and once upon a time I would have stayed in that story at least until the sun came out again. But I know now that if I wake and roll over to find an empty spot, there is nothing I am missing, nothing I am without. I know that not until it's time, the day is meant for something else. It's meant for Bill Evans and hot coffee, for reading a good book and curling up with my child to watch Fred Astaire dance.

When I wake to a dark, rainy morning and think the sun isn't out, I remind myself that just behind those big grey clouds, the sun is out. It's always out.


AMGallegos said...

Lay back and groove on a rainy day. --Jimi Hendrix

Dina said...

hmmm did i miss something?? I thought....oh well, your RIGHT,,,THE SUN IS ALWAYS SHINING!!

itzktb said...

You know how it is, Dina. There's a honey, a crush, a lover and a sweetheart. Sometimes you get all of it together, and sometimes you just get pieces.

Hope I didn't confuse you further.