Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To be or not to be

When you find yourself at forty-four in the midst of a new romance, it's much like it is when you're sixteen. Fun, sweet and ridiculous; you want to hear him breathe, he pours out what he's been keeping inside, you feel happy because he wants to take you away, make you laugh and share his art. But unlike sixteen, he brings years with him, as do you, marriage and children and new found independence that's protected like a precious stone and guarded like a wounded heart. Soon he calls you sweetheart and you call him baby, and soon after that he runs to his corner and you to yours. This is the moment when, regardless of what he does and whether you spend another year together or just one more day, you decide to call it quits or take a chance.


practicalpsychologist said...

Can I quote Roosevelt (the first one) to you:

'The best decision you can make is the right decision. The next best is the wrong decision. And the worst is no decision'.

Somehow I think you'll make the right one.

itzktb said...

Thanks Doug,

Unfortunately, I have been known to make some very bad decisions.