Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blogger dreams

I've never had the pleasure of meeting Dina from Hawaii, reader of the Half Note, but the other night I did manage to make an appearance in her dreams. She describes it below, and I must admit, it has caused me to wonder how I am perceived here on the blog. (Please, don't answer that).

Katie, I woke up today and swore that you and I had just been hanging out! I dreamed you made it to Hawaii, and after about 20 minutes you were bored to death! You got kind of snobby (sorry, it was the dream) and were stomping around saying,"Is this all you guys do all day, go to the beach?!" I felt utterly responsible for your happiness. I said I was sorry but because you just showed up, I wasn't prepared for a visitor. All of a sudden this guy appeared, and within minutes you two were gazing at each other, lost in lust, love, whatever, you were lost! Then you were all over each other and I remember getting very protective of you (like a big sister). I tried to get you to go surfing and you said, "Dina, NOW it's getting fun!"

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Dina said...

is it a dream or a premanition ??!!! must visit to see!

p.s. love the picture. :)