Saturday, November 03, 2007


I understand why people find it sad to hear that David and I are no longer living as husband and wife, and over at Alma's Soulfood, my friend Aaron expresses similar feelings about the recent split between Carlos and Deborah Santana. But the end of a marriage isn't just an ending; it's the continuation of something old, the beginning of something new, and if seen as a gift, it can offer an opportunity to discover surprises; parts of oneself and of life that may never have come otherwise.

Congratulations to this couple for the 34 years they built together, and for the courage to begin building something else.

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practicalpsychologist said...

I worked out that Carlos must have recorded his greatest work 'Caravanserai' around the time he got married.

I share your view. 34 years is a long, long time. And great if you were really happy for 33 of them.