Friday, November 30, 2007

Katie the critic

I know some find the trailer charming, and I know that the story behind Diablo Cody, first-time screenwriter, blogger and ex-stripper is an interesting one. The buzz is out on her film, Juno which I saw last night at an ifp screening, but to this blogger and ex-stripper (I never mentioned that part of my past?), it was painfully trite and cliché and left my friend Luis and I cringing the minute the main character opened her mouth. There were a few great lines delivered by Allison Janey, but aside from that I found it to be a series of one false moment after another, with a cast of caricatures, not characters, fashionably trendy and edgy, shoving sophomoric and unfunny humor so far down your throat there was little room to breathe. It's shocking to me that this film is being compared to Little Miss Sunshine, one of my favorite films of 2006.

Verdict: Juno is a no-no.

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