Monday, November 12, 2007

Walking in Manhattan

Annie: "Mommy, let's pretend we're really rich because we've just won the million dollar lotto."

Katie: "OK."

Annie: "So let's pretend we're on our way to someplace really exciting."

Katie: "Where are we going?"

Annie: "We're going to the Bahamas, but we can afford to have had our luggage flown on a plane and delivered to the hotel several days in advance. That's why we can just be walking down the street like this with no luggage."

Katie: "Sounds good to me."

Annie: "But first let's go see Daddy, because my psychic tuning tells me he has surprises for us."

Katie: "Your psychic tuning?"

Annie: "Yes."

Katie: "Well then, I can't wait to see what your daddy has for me, do you think it's a gift certificate to Saks Fifth Avenue for $8,000?"

Annie: "No! Daddy doesn't do extravagant! For you he's throwing a wild party. My psychic tuning tells me he's invited all of your friends. There will be plates of the best cookies in the world, and they will have no calories but will taste like the most sugary treats ever!"

Katie: "And what surprises will he have for you?"

Annie: "He will have brought my puppy early."

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CJGallegos said...

This would make a "nice" little film...(is Annie Bones going to have competition soon?)