Friday, November 16, 2007

Sudsy love

My mother is a professional theatre director and acting coach. When she's preparing an actor for a soap opera audition, she always gives them the same advice. It's something to this effect:

Every time you open your mouth, every time you say a line, imagine you are completely in love with yourself. Even if your character is taking out the trash, imagine you are making love to yourself in every moment.

Now, if you can stand it, turn on a soap opera, any day, any channel. Watch for a minute or two and tell me if you think she's wrong.


shawn said...

I think your mom just explained why our world is so messed up ... think of the effect of a steady diet of THAT kind of tripe ...

You're mom is a genius!! (and it runs in the family)

Dina said...

she's GOOOD...she know her stuff!!!