Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Comfort & noise

The sound of neighbors practicing scales on the clarinet or warming up their vocal chords can be irritating beyond belief, but at the same time I welcome it, and take great comfort that I live in a city where artists reside on every block.


Lynn Allen White said...

I think we all live in cities that have artists on every block. How do you define art? My father operated a crane and when he died I was told over and over "your dad was a artist at his job",people would come from all over the factory to watch him unload a train car.

itzktb said...

We may all live in cities with artists on every block, but here at The Half Note it's about my city and my block. As for defining art? Only a person who was not an artist would ever do such a silly thing.

Lynn Allen White said...

Well said.