Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I do...

...walk up the stairs and sometimes forget where I am until I see my front door.

...dream about girls getting crushed by horses. too many hot peppers.

...forget what year it is.

...wish I had prettier hands.

...feel like a child, a goddess, a genius and a fool.

...ask myself, what would my father tell me now?


shawn said...

... have a brilliant and enchanting mind!

You're neat, just the way you ARE!!

runnerfrog said...

...wish I had prettier hands.

Days have passed... May be this will add a bit of justice here: Once I said to someone "I don't like yellow roses, I think they are ugly" (yes, I said that), I received the response: "There is not such thing as an ugly rose".
The same applies to hands, I guess.