Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In real time

City girls hunt for crabs, me under the umbrella--lunch and my laptop, an ocean, a sky, and a little bit of time.


Jasmine said...

annie looks adorable

nnnnnn said...

Hi.... Hope you are having a lovely time... M

itzktb said...

nnnnn--thank you, now reveal yourself please.

nnnnnn said...

Hi, reveal myself........ How forward of you :-) ha ha ha ha

here is my beach.. I hope it shows

I got the nnnnnn by mistake.. don't know how to change it.. I am Michael from Sydney, now living in Seoul. Are you writing the book using an online service for your own publishing.. you should have a look.. try www.blurb.com there are others. I forget url..

dont forget the sun cream :-) M

itzktb said...

Oh right, hi Michael, thanks for the beautiful photo!

Other than fantasies of never working a day job again, no real thoughts of publishing just yet.

I'll keep you posted.