Tuesday, September 02, 2008

10 things I like

Greek God's Fig Yogurt
Kashi Pumpkin Spice & Flax Granola bars
Macbook cover in red.
Shape Up Shoes
Coffee at the Silver Moon Bakery
Life in Motion on Broadway
Goat cheese omelet at Sarabeth's
White Lillet on the rocks with sliced orange
Central Park Carousel
Desert Organics Vanilla Chai lotion


CJGallegos said...

I've got to get out more. I don't even know what any of these things are!

runnerfrog said...

One of the ten things I like is that song.

itzktb said...

Coop, you don't know about SHAPE UP SHOES?! Get with it, sister!

Anonymous said...

do shape up shoes really work or what?
give me the word nyc sister,

itzktb said...

The word is this, Wendy: I'm not a big product person, but I stand behind this one. In addition to my regular diet and exercise, these shoes DO work. I wear them around the apartment (way too ugly to take outside), and they really help strengthen the leg and butt muscles.

NY love,


practicalpsychologist said...

And John Coltrane playing his version of aforementioned piece in the background

itzktb said...

Coltrane playing CHICAGO? Just shows you what can happen when I suddenly change the sidebar selection!

(btw, I know you meant the Surman piece)

practicalpsychologist said...

John Coltrane playing 'My Favourite Things' (do you spell 'favourite' as 'favorite' in the US?). His finest moment.

itzktb said...

Oh NOW I get it, and I couldn't agree more.

Click here to see how I feel about that song.

itzktb said...

Doug, I guess my last comment also answered your question about my spelling habits-- and look, THIS comment, fittingly, makes 10 comments on this post.

practicalpsychologist said...

A fine, fine write-up of a great, great piece.

itzktb said...

Well, thank you Doug.