Monday, September 22, 2008

In my dreams

Last night I dreamed I was in the house of a young, troubled woman, attending a New Year's Eve party. I stood beside the fire and told another guest that I believed New Year's Eve was a gift the world gives itself--so people can have renewed hope that life will be better than it was.

I had a boyfriend in the dream--tall, dark and strikingly handsome. He held me in his arms and I asked why he seemed unhappy in my embrace. He said he was just uncomfortable in so many clothes, that the house was too warm, so he removed several layers of jackets and sweaters then he said, "Sometimes you're so intuitive, it scares me."

Later, I was outside and he passed by with a group of male guests. I was confused because I was sure he had seen me, but he took another route back to the house. When I returned to the party, the house was empty. I assumed my boyfriend and the group of men would be inside and I became nervous. I felt as if I were being tricked, that at any time they would all jump out of hiding and scare me.

"I know you're here!" I shouted, but they weren't.

Just then a storm began--there was a horse in the kitchen, a beautiful and frightened Palomino mare. Suddenly I heard a commotion coming from downstairs--like a scene in a fairytale book, an old washer woman scolding a strange child for inviting a boy into the house who was half human, half wolf.

I knew my boyfriend didn't love me. I thought to go and comfort the mare. Instead I decided to leave the party before the guests returned, and imagined the man I loved would be kissing someone else at midnight.


AMGallegos said...

What a beautiful dream! I haven't had a dream with this kind of vividness since the 90s at least. Of course, I don't sleep anymore. But horses, parties, cenaturs...I can't start to interpret this one, except I think your boyfriend may have been gay. :-)

AMGallegos said...

Opps, not a cenatur, but a werewolf.