Sunday, September 21, 2008

In real time

Fall is official--on the calendar and in the air. This morning I took Honey for her first river swim by the Little Red Lighthouse.


CJGallegos said...

River Swim???Did you bump into Cosmo Cramer?

itzktb said...

Forgive me Coop--who on earth (or other planets) is Cosmo Cramer?

shawn said...

Was it a swim that Honey took willingly??? Or did the concern about her appearance finally lead to this event ???

(Cosmo Kramer was the character played by Michael Richards on Seinfeld - known for many things including for swimming in the river in NYC)

itzktb said...

Sorry Shawn, I can't comment further on the river swim. Honey was so cute, I'm afraid if I return to the event in my memory, I will spontaneously combust!

I will say, she was partially willing, and also, thanks for the Seinfeld clarification--David assures me we used to watch the show, but I have absolutely no recollection.