Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the sky's still blue

Driving across the Whitestone Bridge, I was awed to see this amazing sky. If you click to enlarge it, you'll see why I was screaming while I took this picture--I swear, it was like driving through the most beautiful painting I've ever seen.

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runnerfrog said...

Can you believe?: A bit earlier (by the position of the sun) yesterday too, I had this similar experience with the sky here in the other side of the world, the light in this case was falling down through perfect clouds and flocks of birds were enjoying. That was it, until now, I see this post and start to think what's so special about this day worlwide to have this kind of coincidence, and the only thing I know was Sweetie Kosh's birthday, so... have you noticed any weather control device in her room disguised under magazines or something? Parents these days should be aware of everything.

itzktb said...

I DID notice an unfamiliar gadget under Annie's stack of magazines! What and who else could be responsible for such a phenomenon!?

Annie likes the name "Sweetie Kosh" and so do I.

Enjoy this beautiful day, Cristian.

Dina said...

beautiful! Man, WHEN you come to'll be screaming at the beauty the whooooole time. Like Tarzan's JANE!

itzktb said...

Get your earplugs ready Dina--I look forward to it.