Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Annie

In an attempt to learn more about how this fascinating creature evolved into who she is today, I have painstakingly gone back through the pages of my journal.

Here are just a few of my findings:

Annie, 2-years-old:

She runs into our bedroom and sees one of her baby dolls. She grabs it and gleefully shouts,

"You found me!"

Annie, 4-years-old:

Me: "Remember, I have to cut your nails later."

Annie: "Don't say that. When you say that, it goes into my mind and I don't want to think about cutting my nails right now."

Annie, 4-years-old:

Out of the blue she says,"My mother in Africa had the chicken pox, a cold, and a broken leg. It was not a good day!"

Annie, 5-years-old:

She's talking on our bed and in her excitement she falls off and lands on her butt. She announces: "I simply rolled off the bed!"

Annie, 5-years-old:

I'm giving her a bath. David walks in, Annie reaches out her arms, they embrace then David leaves the bathroom.

Annie gets a serious look on her face.

Annie: "If I tell you this, don't tell it to Daddy."

Me: "Tell what?"

Annie: "Don't tell him I'm in love with him."

Me: "Why not?"

Annie: "Because if I'm in love with him, I'll have to marry him, and it's not possible."

Me: "What's not possible?"

Annie: "Never mind, let's not talk about it ever again."

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