Sunday, October 26, 2008

How Half Note savvy are you?

Only one person, Ms. Elizabeth Schwartz of San Diego, has contacted me about a change I made several days ago here at The Half. Even my own mother didn't notice it, but when I clued her in, she gasped in disbelief!


Anonymous said...

I noticed a while back that there's a new quote under your name. Is that it?

A Faithful Reader

shawn said...

hmmm ... you changed the font size on your blog ... you changed your quotation under your profile pictures ... AND ... you said you were letting the half note be silent for a bit which is ALWAYS a signal for Katie to become profoundly creative ...

I remain an avid and faithful reader ... I just didn't comment !!

itzktb said...

No font size difference Shawn, but yes--heliopoli (& rev)--the Woody Allen quote has always reflected what's at the heart of the Half Note, and as ridiculous as it sounds, it was like a death for me to remove it.

But these days I'm saying goodbye to a lot of things--opening more to what lies ahead. Not to mention, I just LOVE the quote from "Moonstruck," a movie everyone should see again.

Thank you for your faithful readership, I do so appreciate it.


CJGallegos said...

I'm with your mom on this. Though in the spirit of moving forward, staying with the times and going with the flow, I've decided to emulate you and will be making my own subtle blog changes over the next two months.