Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Like the corners of my mind

I never understood that line in the song, but here are some of my childhood memories:

Watching my feet hit the ground in a new pair of red Keds.

Feeling the sugar from a Pixie Stick land on my tongue.

The anguish I felt when I thought the boy in the ambulance was my little brother.

Watching my father help the elderly and blind people cross--while I sat in the car, parked facing downward, in the middle of the steep San Francisco streets.

Morgan--a beautiful boy with long, dark hair--my first crush in 4th grade.

The helplessness I felt as I stood by and watched someone steal my bike.

My stuffed dog, Boo, whose face came off in the wash, but who was even cuter after my mother drew on a new one.

The squishy clay between my fingers at Lake Anza.

My father sitting at the edge of my bed--strumming his guitar and singing to me as I fell asleep.

At my favorite Italian restaurant, when I cried at the table because my big brother convinced me my Chicken Parmegian was actually an elephant's ear.

Watching my mother apply her eye make-up--imagining she was a magic, mysterious and beautiful queen.

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