Thursday, November 20, 2008

1 week post-op

Determined to recover quickly, I took a walk outside today in what felt like winter. I bought broccoli at Jins and coffee at the new place on the corner. I did 2 loads of laundry and gave the puppy a bath--I might even fall asleep without a pain pill, even with this raging headache--I'm gonna try.


nnnnnn said...

The headache starts as a small pain with roots from anguish and frustration, born at the bottom of a ones mind in mud and muck. It slowly grows towards a volcano of hurt, continually moving to dull the senses. Once it reaches the eyes you just want to give up but then you see the light and maybe the day becomes beautiful once more. hee hee hee hee :-)

hey you... think the power of positive thinking.. here is a hug ..HUG.. if that helps as well.. M

nnnnnn said...

with no apology for plagarism :-)

itzktb said...

6:50 AM: managed to fall asleep without the pill--woke at 4 in pain and took the pill. Returned to sleep and woke at 6 with no pain, so yes, the day is getting better already.

Thank you for your kind (and sweet) comment, M.


AMGallegos said...

Katie! I hope you're feeling better and you recover soon! I'm thinking of you!
Much love,