Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After the bath

Today I took a shower
Tonight I surrender to melancholy
Tomorrow I give thanks.


nnnnnn said...

Hi, Nice body, oops,… I meant picture :-) R U trying to make an impressionist of your yourself as well? :-)

Changing subject.. completely... seems safest things to do.. :-) hee hee ... driving back to my hotel the other night after a business dinner....... you might like this picture. Hope you can see it.... you would love the shopping there, I just feel it.. and the fact the Malaysian Philharmonic is there doesn't detract either :-)

Best wishes.. M


and an interesting url

itzktb said...

Dear M--that's not me, that's a degas!

Yes, the link worked--very cool--yes I think I would love the shopping there-I think you might be right about that!