Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alert the media!

Annie Kosh has blogged!

Click here to see what's on her mind and read all about her latest obsession!


runnerfrog said...

THAT's a way to finish a post! You should learn!
I'm LMAO here!

runnerfrog said...

Oh my!... I love NY! LOL

itzktb said...

LMAO? Cristian, clarify!

And why does this post inspire your love of New York?

I must know what is running through your frog brain!

runnerfrog said...

I'm refering to the post of your daughter, of course, the end of it, plus your comment there; both got me laughing hard for a good couple of minutes. I was laughing while I was writing here so I guess that's why I wasn't clear at all.
I'm still laughing now that I remember. Annie cracked me up.

itzktb said...

Oh I see--you were responding to Annie's post, and my comment on HER post. Is that right?

And you say you love New York because you detect some sort of attitude in the banter between me and my little princess?

I think I'm getting it now.

It does please me, the thought of you laughing at us all the way over in Argentina!